Website Lite T&Cs

These Terms and Conditions govern your access to and use of our website and services, available through the domain name www.mlconsultancy.co.uk. This site is managed and operated by ML Consultancy. By engaging with our website or any of our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, which will be confirmed via an electronic signature prior to the commencement of work. We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions, referred to herein as ‘Contract Agreement’, at any time, with changes coming into effect 30 days after notice is given.

Service Agreement:

  • Website Plans are subject to a minimum of 12 monthly payments of £49.99.
  • Following the completion of the minimum payment period and contract term, your agreement will automatically transition to a 1-month rolling contract, which can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice. This transition occurs automatically and it is the customer’s responsibility to cancel the service post-minimum period if desired.
  • Be aware that any additional features, pages, plugins not included within your chosen plan will incur a £49.99 fee for any amendments or changes.

Definition of Terminology:

  • “You” or “Your” refers to the end user accessing the website or using our services.
  • “Us”, “We”, or “Our” represents ML Consultancy.
  • ‘Project’ encompasses any work undertaken or services provided by us, as described on our website for the applicable plan.
  • ‘Live Date’ is when your website is published.
  • ‘Hosting’ is a necessary service for your website’s online functionality.
  • ‘Domain’ refers to your website’s address, either an available domain name or one owned by the client, used for the client’s website.
  • ‘Open Source’ software is freely available for use under the GNU General Public License.
  • ‘Content’ includes both the images and text on a client’s website.
  • ‘Contract’, ‘Contract Agreement’, and ‘Terms & Conditions’ refer to this document.
  • ‘SEO’ stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

Background Check:

  • ML Consultancy reserves the right to conduct background checks on clients or businesses through services like 192.com or other third-party providers without prior notification.
  • Information from background checks may be stored for comparison with details provided by the client.

Service Eligibility: Clients must ensure they are eligible for our services. ML Consultancy cannot accept clients who are:

  • On the insolvency register.
  • Have a company disqualification.
  • Are not in a position to fulfil the contract agreement financially.
  • Have been banned from our services or have outstanding bills.
  • Declared bankrupt in the last 10 years.
  • Providing illegal services/products or involved in fraudulent activities.

Late Payment Fees:

  • A £15 administration charge applies for invoices overdue by 7 days or more.
  • Services may be suspended for payments exceeding 30 days overdue, with legal action possible. A £49.99 reconnection fee plus any outstanding payments will apply for reinstating services.

Website Suspension:

  • Websites may be suspended for reasons including late payments, cancellation, inappropriate content, at management’s discretion, without prior notification.

Deadlines & Completion:

  • We aim to adhere to deadlines but cannot guarantee them. Delays beyond our control won’t allow contract cancellation, though a free month may be offered as a goodwill gesture.

Payment Terms & Conditions:

  • A 12-hour grace period is available post-sign-up for plan changes. No refunds or cancellations are permitted once work commences.
  • A £15 fee applies for cancelled subscriptions during the contract term.


  • Email is our primary communication method. Clients are responsible for informing us of any contact information changes.

Copyright, Intellectual Property & Legalities:

  • Clients are responsible for ensuring their website content is legal and does not infringe on copyrights. ML Consultancy is not liable for content issues.

General Business Terms:

  • ML Consultancy’s operations, including potential VAT charges and website advertisement rights, are detailed.

Website Aftercare & Hosting:

  • Additional services and hosting requirements are outlined, including limitations and responsibilities for maintaining service eligibility and compliance.

Domain Name & Email:

  • Conditions surrounding domain name management and email services are detailed, including storage limits and third-party software integration.

Marketing & SEO:

  • Initial SEO efforts are described, with no guarantees on search engine rankings.

Content Writing & E-Commerce Sites:

  • Additional services for content writing and e-commerce site management are available upon request, with specific conditions.


  • Design revision policies are outlined, including limitations and charges for additional revisions.

The document concludes with details on support availability and the professional conduct expected from clients.